List of Submitted Posters

Alavi, Anahita The Deepest HST Near_UV Image and the Ultraviolet Luminosity Function at z=2
Ardila, David Mapping the Hot Accretion Spot in Classical T Tauri Stars: Results from the HST DAO program
Atek, Hakim Understanding Lyman-alpha observations of star-forming galaxies
Bond, Nicholas Early Galaxy Morphology Results from the UV Hubble Ultra Deep Field
Borthakur, Sanchayeeta Stellar Populations in Local Analogs to LBGs
Bourrier, Vincent Temporal variations in the evaporating atmosphere of the exoplanet HD 189733b
Cook, Timothy Active optics and fine pointing for ultraviolet imaging.
Diebold, Sebastian Development of advanced UV MCP Detectors
Froning, Cynthia UV Spectroscopy of X-ray Binaries
Ganguly, Rajib The Geometry of Quasar Outflows
Ghavamian, Parviz UV Diagnostics of Shocks in High-Velocity Clouds
Hagen Bauer, Wendy A Far-Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Atlas for the Eclipsing Binary 31 Cygni
Hathi, Nimish Stellar Populations of HST/WFC3 selected Lyman break galaxies at z=1-3
Herenz, Peter The Milky Way halo as QSO absorption-line system
Hoversten, Erik The 2175 A Dust Feature in the Local Universe
Ingleby, Laura Ultraviolet Diagnostics of Magnetospheric Accretion on T Tauri Stars
Keeney, Brian Probing Galaxy Halos through Quasar Absorption Lines with HST (COS and STIS)
Keller, Graziela Determining properties of evolved hot stars with winds from UV observations
Kim, Hwihyun The Resolved Stellar Population in 50 Regions of M83 from HST/WFC3 ERS Observations
Kollatschny, Wolfram UV emission line profiles as diagnostic tools for the structure and kinematics in the central broad line region of AGN
Krautter, Joachim UV Observations of Novae in Outburst
Leahy, Denis The UVIT Count Rate Calculator: Planning UV observations for ASTROSAT/UVIT
Lipscy, Sarah New Primary Mirror Technologies Enabling Affordable More Capable UV/Visible Science Missions
Morse, Jon Strategic Planning, Decadal Surveys, and the Future Budget Landscape for Space Science
Neiner, Coralie UVMag: studying stellar magnetospheres with UV spectroscopy and optical interferometry
Nitta, Atsuko Measuring stellar evolution with time-series ultraviolet spectroscopy: the DBV white dwarf, GD358.
O'Meara, John he ACS/WFC3 UV Spectroscopic Survey for Lyman Limit Absorption
Penteado, Paulo Characterizing Titan's atmosphere with UV observations
Penton, Steven Getting your "LUV" With HST+COS
Provencal, Judith He atmosphere White Dwarfs
Rafelski, Marc Ultraviolet Observations of the Hubble Ultra Deep Field
Rampazzo, Roberto A UV-optical/kinematical view of galaxy evolution in the Leo cloud
Rauch, Thomas Model-Atmosphere Spectra of Hot, Compact Stars - Access via the Virtual Observatory Service TheoSSA
Ritchey, Adam Interstellar Abundances of Boron and Neutron-Capture Elements from HST/STIS Spectroscopy
Rutkowski, Michael Morphological clues to the origin of recent star-formation in early-type galaxies at redshift 0.35
Sagiv, Ilan LIMSAT-UV: A wide-field UV transient explorer satellite mission
Schindhelm, Eric Ultraviolet H2 Emission from Classical T Tauri Stars: a unique probe of the molecular environment around young stars
Scott, Jennifer HST/COS observations of intrinsic absorption in Mrk 876
Siegel, Michael Hot Stars and the Swift Ultraviolet Optical Telescope
Snow, Theodore Cosmic Origins Spectrograph: Observations of the translucent interstellar cloud toward HD 204827
Sparks, William UV Observations of Earth-like planets: a potential biosignature
Starrfield, Sumner Classical and Recurrent Novae: The Importance of UV spectroscopy
Syphers, David Understanding Helium Reionization with a Statistical Sample of Gunn-Peterson Sightlines
Tepper Garcia, Thorsten On the (im)possibility of detecting warm-hot, diffuse gas at low redshift
Thilker, David A Comprehensive View of XUV-disk Galaxies
Tilton, Evan The Low-Redshift Intergalactic Medium as Seen in Legacy Hubble/STIS and FUSE Data
Todt, Helge Stellar Winds of Hot Stars - Diagnostics from UV spectra
Usunov, Angel Advanced European Galaxy Imager and Spectrograph- UV satellite for investigating Star Burst Galaxies
Vallerga, John Future Capabilities of MCP Readouts for UV Astronomy Missions
Vanderbeke, Joachim Globular clusters under the scanner to reveal the ages of distant galaxies.
Voyer, Elysse New Extensive Measurements of the Virgo Cluster UV Luminosity Function with GUViCS
Wakker, Bart The gasesous content of Cosmic Web filaments
Windhorst, Rogier Hubble's Survey of the Ultraviolet universe: Panchromatic Extragalactic Research ("SUPER")
Winter, Lisa Ionized Outflows driven by Nearby Active Galaxies
Wofford, Aida Lyman-Alpha Line Spectroscopy from Star Forming Galaxies at z~0
Yanamandra-Fisher, Padma Ultraviolet Polarimetric Signatures of Planets
YOSHIKAWA, Ichiro The Exceed mission - Earth-orbiting EUV spectrometer for Jupiter and terrestrial planets